A Submission from one of our readers! Commentary is mine:
In related news, white people still make up 72.4% of the United States.  
In rhetorical news, if your sentence begins with “I don’t mean to sound racist” anything after that clause is almost always racist…

In related news, civilization in America did not begin with white people! Will racist white people ever accept this? More at 5.



When is it sexist? - A Handy Chart

My favorite moment when playing FFXIV for the first time was seeing the men in the same ridiculous subligars as the women.

In order:
World of Warcraft
Dark Souls
Final Fantasy XIV


i aspire to get to that level of hot where my hair looks like shit and i smell like black coffee and yesterday’s eyeliner is smudged under my eyes but i still look fine as hell

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this was probably one of the saddest moments of my childhood


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